Cars on the Lot

Shopping for a car? Sometimes you know exactly what you want before you head out to kick tires and sometimes you don’t. You almost always need to compare.

The white sticker on new cars contains a wealth of information:

  • Technical features
  • Safety features
  • Interior features
  • Exterior features
  • Optional equipment
  • DOE/EPA fuel economy information
  • Parts content information
  • Governmental crash test ratings
  • Price (MSRP, destination and handling, etc.)

This is important stuff, but who can keep it all straight, particularly when you are fine tuning your selection and you have seen several very similar cars?

The PXT Portal can transmit all of this information to your smartphone. It can also transmit other data such as interior and exterior pictures of the car, incentives, payment options, and contact information for the dealership sales persons and service personnel. This information provides a basis for comparing your choices.

You just request the data via PXT Probe software running on your smartphone, save it, and go on your way. No big brochures, stray business cards, and handwritten notes to shuffle later. At home you go can systematically compare the data you collected throughout the day. If you decide to follow-up with a salesperson, the contact information is right there.

PXT Portal brings clarity and organization to the consumer and it helps the dealership as well. There are no expensive brochures to stock. This information is available 24x7, even if there is no salesperson on duty, and even if the dealership is closed for night. A prospective consumer standing outside a locked showroom can communicate with the PXT Portal.

It’s always on, always available, always right where you need it.