House for Sale

The web virtual tour is a fine way to browse real estate from your home or office. But what if you are out and about and you see the perfect house with a For Sale sign out front? Typically you pull over and snag a Take Me flier from the box attached to the sign-post. But it seems like there aren’t any half the time.

A prospective buyer could always jot down the realtor’s name, number, and other details on a scrap of paper and follow up later. Maybe the consumer won’t bother; maybe the consumer will bother but will misplace the paper. An opportunity is lost in either case.

Furthermore, color fliers are relatively expensive to produce and it’s a hassle to make sure that there are enough of them at the sign-post.

The PXT Transponder represents a better choice. Positioned in the front interior of the house it can easily broadcast to the front curb. So instead of picking up a Take Me flier (if there are any) the PXT Probe-enabled consumer could access and save all kinds of information:

  • Complete MLS description
  • School information
  • Listing realtor name, contact info, and detailed bio
  • Virtual tour of the home

Anything the consumer could get on the web about the home is available instantly, where it is wanted, when it is wanted.

Real estate offices can also benefit from PXT technology. The office is a good place to communicate 24x7 with passersby about:

  • Mission statement
  • Business philosophy
  • Services offered: appraisal, mortgage, relocation, etc.
  • Detailed bios on all realtors associated with the office.
  • All current listings

Any of the information can be viewed and saved by passersby with PXT Probe-enabled smartphones.