Restaurant Dining Room

As tourists or business travelers, or as locals, we’ve all strolled down a street checking out restaurants. You see their menus posted, usually you see the specials of the day, recent reviews, and sometimes there are even bios posted of high-profile chefs who are in the kitchen.

It is possible to put all the information you see in the window - or on the chalk board out front - right onto your PXT Probe-enabled smartphone. The restaurant just needs to have a PXT Portal on premises.

Useful information to display includes:

  • Hours
  • Contact information
  • Menus
  • Daily specials
  • Catering services
  • Interior photos
  • Chef biographies
  • Recent reviews
  • History of the restaurant

Once captured, you can retrieve the information any time you want - down at the other end of the block, or days later when you are contemplating a night out on the town.