Promity Based Information

Please Explain That

PXT is proximity-based information technology that allows consumers to get on-the-spot information about all types of objects in their surroundings. Content is delivered to mobile devices and can be played in real time or stored for future reference. PXT patent-pending technology is licensed by Zurado.

Unlike other location-aware technologies, PXT does not use the internet, GPS, or the carrier network to gather information about nearby objects. Rather PXT creates a direct link between the user and the object of interest and exchanges information via Bluetooth. The basic idea is: if you want to find out about the painting on the museum wall - ask the painting on the museum wall.

Direct communication is possible because PXT provides the means for an object to store and communicate information about itself, and, in so doing, transforms any ordinary object into a self-describing object. By eliminating all network and satellite dependencies PXT provides an exceptionally robust solution that works in extreme and isolated environments where other technologies cannot. Simply, reliably, and inexpensively, PXT delivers information in-hand and on-the-spot.

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