Key features and benefits of PXT Portal include:

Wireless on-demand information transmission

PXT Portal enables consumers to pull information of interest -- on demand. By design PXT Portal never spams, it never pushes content; consumers must request information using PXT Probe. The content provided by PXT Portal replaces printed brochures, flyers, reference guides, product literature of all sorts, operations and maintenance manuals, service manuals, and many other forms of other paper documentation. Digital documentation is easier and faster to use than hardcopy documentation, which improves productivity. It also saves publishing and distribution costs, eliminates downtime due to missing manuals, and it is better for the environment - it’s green.

Desktop content administration

New content can be easily created and edited using Notepad, Wordpad, and other standard desktop tools. Content developed in this way can then be downloaded to the PXT Portal device via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Manager. No programming skills are required.

Standard document support

Content providers can leverage existing documents, presentations, and graphics when creating PXT Portal content. PXT Portal supports txt, Adobe PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other common document formats. There’s no need to create new PXT Portal content from scratch; simply reuse what already exists. Legacy documentation can be embedded in self-describing objects and transmitted wirelessly to nearby PXT Probe users.

Access control

PXT Portal provides a simple GUI for easily creating and modifying access control lists that are based on the MAC address of the calling PXT Probe. Positive and negative filtering modes are supported to allow for the creation of Block and Allow lists, respectively.

Bluetooth point-to-point communication

Because PXT Portal has no network dependencies, it can deliver content to nearby PXT Probes under extreme conditions - remote, isolated, underground, undersea, or cramped conditions where Wifi, GPS, and carrier signals may be weak or non-existent. Also, there are no service charges, usage fees, or data plans to be concerned about. Supplying on-the-spot information via PXT Portal is simple, reliable, and inexpensive.

Activity logging

Users can see the number of hits received on the PXT Portal, exactly what information was requested, the date and time of each request, and the MAC address of the calling PXT Probe. The usage data provides users with a basis for assessing and improving the overall effectiveness of their PXT Portal-based content.