Palace of Fine Arts

The everyday streets and buildings of a town have a history to them and a story to tell. The PXT Portal is an ideal way to implement self-guided or walking tours that can unlock this history.

Embedded within buildings, light posts, and pedestals throughout the historic district of your hometown, the PXT Portal can give history lessons to all within its range. Did you know that mom-and-pop hardware store on the corner was at one time the town sheriff’s office? And before that it was entirely something else.

Local chambers of commerce, historical societies, and other civic organizations can use PXT technology to keep the rich history of a town and its people alive.

Walking tours can be implemented in a breeze. There is no huge expense to contemplate - no complex overarching civic improvement plan to consider. When you want to bring another building, park, statue, or square into the fold of historical sites, simply get another PXT Portal, program it, and install it at the intended site - that’s it. Now anybody who walks by with a PXT Probe-enabled smartphone has access to all the new historical information.

The PXT Portal, equipped with a ruggedized enclosure and solar power, should also be considered for outdoor locales such as local, state, and national parks and trails and other recreational facilities.

It can provide details about the surrounding plant life, indigenous animal species, and prominent natural features such as geysers, hot springs, and rock formations.

The ruggedized PXT Portal could be embedded in trail markers, signposts, or strategically placed within range of whatever objects it describes.

Remember, users with PXT Probe software installed on their phones always have ready access to any PXT Portal within range. It is not dependent on GPS, the web, WiFi, or any carrier. It always works, regardless of signal availability.